Why you need to be on social media

I am not too fond of social media. in fact, I am comfortable in saying I downright hate it.

Not the line you expected after reading the subject line, right?

But I do. I honestly do hate it.

But I also recognize that social media is how the world communicates these days. So, like it or not, I need to feel the intense dislike and participate in and utilize it as much as possible.

And while I do loathe it, I can’t ignore that being active and present on social media has facilitated some of the most amazing and unique relationships in my author career. I’ve connected with like-mind people and organizations that share the same passion for literacy and reading that I do. The non-profit diversity in children’s books initiative, Multicultural Children’s Book Day, is a perfect example of a game-changing connection.

Before I became active with them, I had never heard of Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) until I stumbled on their Instagram account a few years ago. Back then, my author’s world felt very small and lonely. But that changed the more I got involved in their initiatives and annual online celebration.

Now, years later, I am so grateful for the genuine friendships, confidants, beta testers, reviewers, cheerleaders, and even team members within Make A Way Media that I couldn’t imagine would have been possible without the reach and prevalence of social media!

Another good example of online connection is back when I was struggling to find an illustrator for my books. But, because I followed the hashtag #writingcommunity on Twitter, I found a book written by a children’s author with absolutely beautiful imagery. On a whim, I reached out to the illustrator, three years later Charlene Mosely and I have created EIGHT books together! Now THAT’S the power of connection.
People hear nuggets of my story through the messages I post on Facebook and elsewhere, they comment, I reply, and as a result, I now have dozens of people who are true fans of my work. I would have found none of this, but for social media. And for every connection that I am aware I made, I am certain hundreds more have learned about my work and know what I do. Maybe they have not bought a book today, but they will, and they will tell someone else too.
One of the best comments I ever got was not even about my work directly, but a post where one teacher tagged another teacher with the words, “This is a good page to follow.” This warmed my heart and validated my existence all in one. So yes, you have to be on social media.
Not all of them, but some of them.
Pick the platforms that you are the most comfortable with. Find out the hashtags that will draw the eyes of the community you most want to be a part of- like #writingcommunity and #ReadYourWorld. Reply to people’s comments. It is very important because this is how you build a fan base.
Do not EVER engage in negative comments! As one of my team members advises, “Don’t feed the trolls!”  But, I have two stances on this. Sometimes I let the comments stand to show the level of ignorance that exists- which also validates why I do what I do.
And, sometimes, I just delete the comment. But, I definitely do not engage. You can read more about why I never wrestle with a pig here.
There are times you may feel justified to fire back your own mean comment in reply to someone else’s. But, I can promise you, this is how you lose a fan base. Those who follow you who are uncomfortable with your online argument won’t say a word, they will just quietly melt away and never view your information again.
No one wins when you feed the social media trolls.
It is true that social media can be a negative place, but it does not have to be. You can do your part to use social media in a positive way that builds people up instead of tearing them down. Be careful what you like and who you follow, save, and share. If you like and share a lot of negative stuff, then that is all that will be in your feed. Social engineers on these platforms are going to cater to what they believe you want to see.
Lastly, limit the amount of time you spend on it. Remember you want to write or have other entrepreneurial dreams and those are not going to be fulfilled solely through social media. Put social media on your schedule like you would any other meeting in the day. You can even let others know what time you will be on so they can reach you directly and then leave it alone for the day.
Put your phone away.
Get outside and look at flowers and trees and the faces of people in the real world- not the ones you find on social media. Humans in live-and-living-color are beautiful, and cannot be replaced by the digital version.
My encouragement for you today is to try to enjoy the benefits of social media. It’s a part of the world we live in now, and it is not going anywhere.

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