Excitement At Make A Way Media!

Happy Sunday everyone. Wherever you are today we hope you do something for you. Even if it can only be 20 minutes. Take that time for yourself. Read an article you have been wanting to finish. Sit quietly in a window and watch life, or just lock the door to the bathroom, but find a moment just for you.

Before we go to do that, we want to take a moment to tell you about some exciting happenings at Make A Way! Before the end of this holiday season we have two new books, a new bag, and new shirts on the way. Remember we are all positive all the time so please watch this website and our social media pages for updates. You can easily find us by searching for Make A Way on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

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We want to thank all of you who follow us and care about the good work we do. Again, do something for you today and make it a great day.

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