Life Decisions

Just thinking on life and lasting decisions.
I have a 20 year-old and a 25 year-old. Neither live at home anymore.
Still to this day, some people ask how I feel about having “started over” again. I tell them it’s the best decision I ever made and here’s more evidence:
Last night my 9 year-old Nick had trouble falling asleep. I talked to him at great length about one of my favorite toys as a child- my paper dolls.
He couldn’t grasp the concept- why that would be a toy or even how it could be fun. I even explained how the clothes had little tabs to help you hang the clothes on the dolls.
He got sad when he asked me if I still had them and I said no. His last question was, “Do you miss them?” I said yes and then he fell asleep.
I just got home from work and by my bed was this picture. He ran in the room and said, “Did you see what I made for you!?!”
I thought it was a picture of me even though I don’t often wear dresses.
Nick then told me he made me a paper doll and was working on making dresses with tabs.
He is the love of my life and the only person on the planet who really “hears” me I can’t imagine our family without him.
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