Gifts the world not only loves, but needs!

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Make A Way is all positive all the time! We offer everything from workshops to journals to spread compassion, while inspiring your creativity and your dreams.

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Make A Way focuses on spreading love, efficacy, and the power of compassion & gratitude across the planet.

Make A Way Media and author Deedee Cummings donate 10% of all book sales to It Pays to Read and
the Louisville Book Festival.
These programs literally pay children to read,
highlight the importance of literacy every day of the year, and
donate hundreds of books
each year to churches, schools,
children and families in need.

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Let's Work Together

Writing & Reading

Join workshops created to encourage and teach, and explore journals designed to spark the imagination.

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Growing & Dreaming

Foster creativity and gratitude in the lives of others by sending unique and thoughtful gifts.

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Building & Healing

Help us on our journey to spread the power of positivity to learners and growers of all ages.

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Make A Way Adventures

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