Our Story

Make A Way was founded in 2014 and focuses on spreading love, efficacy, and the power of multi-dimensional health across the planet. We believe in the power of gratitude, and we believe in the power of positivity. We see the abundance of good in the world, and we’re here to help others see it and share their stories too.

We Make A Way for Writing & Reading

Dream. Plan. Create. Achieve.

Writing and reading are the foundation of Make A Way Media. Do you have a dream? A goal? A plan?
Write it down! It’s a proven fact that writing your goals down makes it more likely that you will achieve them.

Make A Way offers everything from workshops to journals to inspire your creativity and your dreams. See more of our reading and writing materials, or find out more about our workshops.

We Make A Way for Growing & Dreaming

Inspire. Create. Dream. Believe.

Foster creativity and gratitude in your daily life or in the lives of others. We make it easy to send unique and thoughtful gifts to anyone for any occasion. Thinking of someone? Let them know.

We partner with companies and agencies across the country who have the same entrepreneurial drive and spirit as we do at Make A Way! We continue to be inspired by others who share positive messages of hope, perseverance and are making a way!


We Make A Way for Building & Healing

Connect. Be Kind. Be Grateful. Be Powerful.

Do you have an idea to help spread the power of positivity? We’re on our way to spreading our message world wide, and we’d love to hear from you!

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