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In the K Club

A free monthly activity guide for kids ages 6-11

Support Your Child’s Mental Health
Empower Them to Achieve Their Dreams
Motivate Them to Keep Going

Do your kids struggle to:

  • Believe in themselves?
  • Keep going when things get hard?
  • Overcome negative thoughts?

Transform Your Kid’s Mindset with the K Club

Transformational Tips

Each month, you get an issue of the K Club Activity Guide full of ideas, activities and tips to help your kids (or students) transform their mindset and achieve their goals.

Extra Motivation

We host regular lives calls where kids (and adults) can ask questions, receive extra support and even have the chance to meet the real Princess Kayla, a Broadway star who inspired the Modern Day K series and the K Club.

Valuable Life Skills

In K Club, we tackle hard topics like bullying, self-esteem, and setbacks so that kids have the tools they need to succeed. As a parent, you will have tools and language to help you talk about these tough topics with your kids.

K Club Equips and Empowers

Our kids are inundated with messages telling them they can’t.

K Club not only empowers kids to believe they can achieve their dreams but it also equips them with the tools they need to succeed.

K Club Members learn about: 

      • Empathy
      • Growth mindset
      • Regulating emotions
      • Goal planning
      • Dealing with bullies

And more!

Let’s Build Up the Next Generation

Deedee Cummings, the creator of K Club, is the founder of Make a Way Media, a best selling author, therapist, and the mother of Broadway star Kayla Picchioni.

She created K Club because she believes that all kids deserve the tools they need to achieve their dreams and all parents deserve to know how to show up for their kids in a healthy, supportive way.

Your child is capable of greatness. Let’s join together to empower your kids to overcome self doubt and achieve their dreams.

Help Kids Ditch Self-Doubt

3 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up

Fill out the sign up form with your name and email. As soon as you click submit, your first K Club Activity Guide will be on its way to your inbox.

2. Explore the Activities

Have fun doing the activities with your kids. Try to incorporate them into everyday life so that kids have lots of opportunities to practice the new skills they learn.

3. Watch Your Child Soar

Armed with gratitude, empathy, and people encouraging them to follow their heart, your children will be empowered to chase after their dreams and leave self-doubt in the dust.

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