Welcome to the K Club

We are so glad you are here!

The K Club is a positive space for kids who want support following their dreams and also want to support others doing the same.

The club is rooted in the Modern-Day K philosophy of practicing gratitude, developing greater empathy, and following your heart. Concepts of mental health, a love of reading, community service, diversity and goal planning will be emphasized.

Children must have an email address to signup. The email address can, and probably should, belong to a guardian. This way the guardian can be fully aware of the activities received and can assist or process information as needed.

*Only one communication a month will be sent from the club. The message will include inspiration, updates about Modern-Day K, special announcements or offers and an activity for club members.*

There will be bigger rewards for the completion of bigger challenges. The completion must be approved by a guardian. “Bigger rewards” will be mailed.

Communication in club is solely from Make A Way Media to each individual child. No communication will be among the club members unless a guardian approves their participation in an online event, such as a Zoom meeting with Princess Kayla.

The club is appropriate for all kids of all backgrounds. The activities are best suited for kids from 6 to 11. All children can sign up and benefit from the activities, but kids outside of this range may find some of the activities a little too challenging or not challenging enough.

Some of the exciting things to come are:

• A free welcome kit introducing kids to the K Club
• Insider information on new releases
• Special activities related to the K Club
• Motivational content for children
• Therapeutic tips and coping skills for kids
• Communication and goal-planning tips for kids
• Chances to win gifts and prizes exclusive to the K Club
• Discounts exclusive to the K Club
• Complete volunteer work in exchange for special awards
• Special communication from Princess Kayla exclusive to the K Club
• A chance to receive a letter from Broadway Star Kayla Pecchioni
• Recipes from Princess Kayla (also known as Modern-Day K)
• AND free gifts (such as stickers, posters, and autographed books) for K Club Members who complete designated reward levels

Stay up to date through K Club newsletters and look for special annoucements here.

We encourage you to share this sign-up information with all the kids in your life: nieces/ nephews, church or scouting group, classrooms, etc. All children will benefit form these positive and inspirational messages.

We want your help introducing the world to the picture book series: Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess;

The middle grade series, Modern-Day K;

and to the Broadway Show coming soon: Modern-Day K.

You are a part of this history!

It’s an exciting time! Welcome aboard to all of our royal families!

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