Book: If a Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I?



Throughout her work with children as a therapist, Deedee Cummings has recognized two major areas of concern affecting the esteem of today’s youth: emphasis on how the world sees you (or worse, approves you) through social media. Secondly, a lack of focus on goals and a real belief that it is possible to achieve them.

This journal is a fun and thought-provoking reminder that it is never too early for kids to begin working toward their dreams. Help teach children and young adults the value of being self-aware which fosters greater resilience, increases dreaming and motivation, and improves relationships with the people in their lives who matter most. It’s not only a road-map, but a time capsule of hopes and dreams for tomorrow’s future leaders!

All people and ages enjoy this book, but the overall content is traditionally geared more towards women and girls.

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