Like Rainwater


This is a book you can read, journal in, and color!

Like Rainwater is a book of poetry that is also a coloring and activity book. Like Rainwater is a tribute to the author’s mother, Andrea Mast Pecchioni, who passed away in 2003 from her second battle with breast cancer. This skillfully written book reminds the reader that they can change their reactions by taking time to consider how those actions will affect us and others.

When children or adults react to something they find unfair, they often do or say things that they will regret later. Instead, the author encourages readers to “be like rainwater” and take the time to consider their options and reactions in a mindful and purposeful way.

Adults and educators will also find therapeutic techniques within the pages of this book that will help kids and adults with issues such as depression, self-defeating behaviors, and emotion regulation. {ages 8 and up}

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