I Want to be a Bennett Belle



In this endearing children’s story, a smart and curious little girl asks her grandmother what she hoped to be when she was growing up. From there, another future Bennett Belle is born.

After her grandma begins sharing the story of how she became the woman she was meant to be, the young girl learns all about the mission of Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina: to instill each of its students with self-respect, confidence, compassion, pride, and preparation to compete as a professional in an ever-changing world. As the little girl falls in love with the spirit, sisterhood, and legacy of Bennett College, she discovers it is never too early to think about higher education or becoming the best woman she can be.

This book is also the author’s tribute to the HBCU (Historically Black College) that her mother and several female family members attended. Bennett College is special for many reasons and is often referred to as “the Mecca of Black girl magic.”  In this endearing children’s story, a young girl learns all about Bennett College and its mission from her grandmother, a proud Bennett Belle. {ages 5 and up}



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