When L.O.V.E is Spelled T.I.M.E | a book about Dads as Role Models

Maybe there are not a lot of men who would ever think to request a kid’s book as a present for Father’s Day, but I cannot think of a better present for one of life’s many unsung heroes.

Since becoming a children’s author I have met so many people who say they still love and read picture books. It really is something we never grow out of. Books facilitate quality time with kids and an excuse to slow down, step away from smartphones, and an opportunity to bond with others.

And dads need some downtime!

Being a father is one of the hardest jobs on earth and that’s why I am proud to suggest my book My Dad’s Job, as a unique and exceptional gift for Father’s Day.

My Dad's Job

This vibrant picture book tells the story of a dedicated father who teaches his son how to be a responsible, intelligent, and loving person. This sweet story will remind adult readers that their children are watching and listening to them as examples of what it means to be responsible, stable, and caring.

Yes, I know that picture books are not the “go-to” present idea for most dads…but they certainly should be.

It’s like all of the kids’ movies that hit the theaters every month. They are created for children, but adults love them too and all the memories that go with it!

Picture books are kind of the same way. Think about going to your local bookstore and buying a copy of Where the Wild Things Are just because you loved that book so much you just want to read it again and take it home so you have time to really sit with the illustrations and check out all the cool things you missed as a kid.

Again, memory-making paired with quality bonding time with the small humans in your life.

Dads all over the world love this book. One notable dad, Serge Smagarinsky, a.k.a Picture Book Guy lives in Australia. I was very fortunate to meet him through my work with Multicultural Children’s Book Day. In a review of this book, Serge noted that My Dad’s Job has a “clever” message about how a father can be present and parent a child.

Moms all over the world also love this book. Fariba Soetan is from London and writes a book review blog called MixedUpMama.com. She also really enjoyed this book stating that it is “a sweet story” showing a child who is growing and “eager to learn” and not realizing till later that he actually has been learning from his Dad all along.

We have all gotten Dad the tie, the assortment of favorite candy bars, and the gift card to his favorite home improvement store or steak restaurant. So as this day honoring fathers approaches, I encourage you to think outside the box…or gift card…or whacky tie.

Give your beloved dad, daddy, pa, old man, or pops the gift of a story that honors the man he is while providing the opportunity to read to his little (or big) ones. This is the very message in one of my favorite books, My Dad’s Job: be there for your children!

A Special Deal for the Dad in your Life!

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