Daring to Dream: Overcoming Questions and Doubts

Do you have an idea for something you’d like to accomplish? A dream you’d like to fulfill? Each time you step toward that goal, does a sense of doubt, or a flood of questions force you to step back? Here are 4 steps you can take to move forward, overcoming questions and doubts so that you can finally achieve your dreams.

4 Steps to Overcome Self Doubt And Achieve Your Dreams

We all experience self doubt at some point in our lives. However, questions and doubt don’t mean you aren’t capable of accomplishing whatever goal sits just beyond your comfort zone. Use this four step process the next time you are struggling to overcome self doubt.

Step 1: Remember everything you’ve already accomplished.

Life is full of ups and downs, obstacles and trials. Take a moment to think about all the hard things you’ve already accomplished, whether that is making it through years of schooling, landing a great new job, figuring out a difficult relationship, handling a health issue, overcoming mental health struggles, etc. Any life circumstance that initially felt like it was just too much but you did it anyway is a success you can draw from to gain confidence in moments of doubt.

What can you learn from those past experiences? What and who did you rely on to get you through? Those same supportive people that helped you overcome doubts while you were working toward past achievements, or overcoming stress and struggle, can also help you stop doubting your ability to achieve your goal.

Step 2: Write down your questions and doubts.

It’s normal to experience self doubt when you are venturing into something new. The worst thing you can do is ignore your doubt and try to push it aside. That will just make it grow. Instead, use the power of self-reflection to overcome doubt and get to the root of your feelings.

Make a list of all the questions you have. There is no question or doubt too big or two small. Don’t try to answer your questions right now, just write them down. Give yourself a couple of days or weeks to make a list of all the questions or doubts that pop into your mind.


Step 3: Gain Knowledge

Once you’ve got a solid list of questions (and know that you will probably have more questions later), the solution to your fear is in the answers.

There will be some questions you can look up answers to on the internet. Others may require a phone call to a government agency to find out if there are laws or regulations you need to be aware of and comply with to make your dreams come to life.

Other questions may require you to find someone to talk to face to face. Use your network of friends and family to find connections and adopt new mentors.

Librarians and books are also fantastic resources when you have questions and don’t quite know where to look.

After you’ve exhausted your current support network, start reaching out to people you don’t know. Email someone who has already achieved your dream. Explain your situation and ask for input or advice from their own personal experience.

If the idea of reaching out to strangers intimidates you, remember that even the most successful people are still people. It’s true that some might not answer but others will gladly help someone who has a genuine interest in working hard to accomplish a goal. They remember what it is like to be in your shoes and many will happily help you learn from their pas mistakes and current success. And if they don’t know how to help you keep moving forward, they might be able to connect you with someone who does.

Step 4: Get Connected

One of the best ways to overcome the vicious cycle of self doubt is to join a group of like-minded people working toward the same goal. We all experience feelings of doubt or uncertainty. When you have a safe place to go with those feelings and get instant support and encouragement from others on the same journey, you are more likely to turn your doubts into a fleeting thought instead of a paralyzing fear.

Search Facebook, local networks of professionals, or even your local library for groups of people who have similar goals. If you are interested in starting your own business or writing a self-published book, look into our team at Make A Way Mindset!

You could also enlist professional help by joining a class, course or mentor program so that someone can lead you step by step through all the necessary parts of realizing your dream. Often, having the support of someone who has already done it can be exactly the support you need when you are feeling scared or uncertain.

We live in a wonderful time. The internet gives you access to all the people and information you need with just the click of a button. Don’t be afraid to reach out, listen to advice, and recognize that you don’t have to figure this out alone.

You can overcome self doubt. You can achieve your goals. Follow these four steps and watch your questions and doubts become a little less daunting and your dream a little more within reach. You got this!

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