Think of it Like This



Within the pages of Think of it Like This, three different challenging situations are revealed: a little girl tears her cherished dress, a favorite store is closed, and a girl’s behavior is bossy and selfish. Each situation causes the main character to feel bad or struggle, but when each problem is reframed in a different and more positive way, new (and even better) solutions present themselves.

Through the gentle prompts in the book, readers are encouraged to think about their reactions and what is really happening. Is it the end of the world? Did it ruin your day? Does it really have to? Are you part of the problem? Can you change things? These pages are filled with simple solutions and messages that are so important for today’s kids to learn. This book also teaches therapeutic skills such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy to demonstrate the important lessons of self-control and perspective building. {ages 5 and up}

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