Never Stop Blooming

“Sitting next to you, I feel so unaccomplished.”

Those were the words from a beautiful 40-something woman as she sat next to me at the professional photoshoot promoting my 2021 Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess 5-book series. Her eyes were sad and she looked a little defeated at that moment.

She went on to share that she had just enrolled in college again and when she shared that exciting news, she almost looked embarrassed. “I guess I’m a late bloomer,” she added with a nervous giggle.

Now, I know for a fact that this particular mama was raising beautiful, talented, and gifted twin tween daughters on her own. She had worked her whole life to not only raise these girls with dignity and grace but to keep a household and marriage running. Until one day it all changed and she found herself swept up in the turmoil of divorce, single parenthood, and all the fear that goes along with starting over.

She wasn’t a “late bloomer,” she was a determined bloomer who had never stopped growing and flourishing. When I told her that, her eyes filled up with tears and I felt in my heart that it had been a very long time since she had been told those words.

Told that she was amazing.

Told that she was enough.

Told that she was the roots to a very strong tree that would bend in the wind, but never break.

Despite the life changes and unexpected chaos, she was leading by example when it came to modeling strength for her daughters. In those precious moments, as we sat side by side, I reminded her that flowers not only bloom every year but become more magnificent over time as well.

I reminded her that my “bloom” may look different than hers, but hers was just as triumphant.

Just as meaningful.

Just as important in the eyes of her two little girls.

So, if you find yourself whether a similar storm in your life, I encourage you to own your victories and never diminish or discount them.

Grow. Bloom. And become more Magnificent.

As I reread the story above, it hit me that it is a perfect example of the main thread that runs through all of the Kayla books. This determined and feisty little girl, who refuses to give up on her dreams of being on a Broadway stage, is able to do so because she has watched her working mother lead by example.

Determination and dignity matter when little eyes are watching.

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