The Secret of Blessings

Blessings are meant to be shared. And the more you share, the more blessings will come back to you. That’s their secret power.

Have you ever given a $10 donation (that you really could not afford) to support someone’s dream, only to arrive home and find an unexpected check for $50.00? Blessing others works to manifest more blessings for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s true, and it works! And while the exchange is not always that cut and dry, sharing a blessing is something that ripples in your life and the lives of those around you.

Take some time today to turn off all of the noise. I mean everything. Put your phone out of reach, unplug from social media, and turn off the radio. In the stillness and calm, ask your heart to show you where you are needed. How can you make an impact on someone else’s life today? Whatever floods your mind is what you need to do. And you will find amazing peace in following through on those thoughts. 

Sharing blessings with others does not have to be monetary. Think back to times when someone just sent a message via Facebook, sent you a handwritten thank you note, or actually stopped what they were doing to look you in the eyes and reveal what an impact you had on them. Remember how that made you feel? THAT is a blessing. That is the feeling you need to share with others throughout your day. Bless someone with the knowledge that they matter and they are heard. Make these acts of empathy and compassion a part of your routine. In other words, develop the habit of kindness.

Sharing a blessing can mean treating another human being, as well, human.

Not long ago, I saw a man sitting on a bench and he appeared to be homeless. I pulled my car over and said, “Hi. Do you need anything?”

He said, “What you got?” I responded that I had $5 cash and a fresh bottle of water. He nodded and came to my window to get it. As I gave it to him, he said, “God bless you.”

I won’t forget the look in his eyes and the way they stared so deeply into mine. I had a feeling that it was the first time he felt “seen” in a very long time.

One day a child was crying outside of my office. Her mother had been struggling for quite a while to comfort her as they waited down the hall for their doctor’s office to open. I walked out into the hallway with a copy of my first book, Love Is…, and gave it to the mother. Instantly the little girl stopped crying and looked at the book along with mom. After their appointment, the mother came back to our office to thank me for being so thoughtful. She offered to pay for the book. I told her it was mine to share with her. I will forever remember the look on her face too. Why are we so surprised when someone is kind to us. It should be the other way around. It should be a shock to the system when people are mean, but sadly this seems like what we have come to expect. Such a simple blessing in the form of paper and ink made two people’s lives better in a matter of seconds.

A grandmother I know recently got custody of four granddaughters. Can you imagine? Knowing what a hardship this was, I went to Target and bought fruit snacks, music boxes, deodorant, lotion, and a few other things. I packaged them up and left a box of goodies on their porch along with an encouraging note. The cost to me was minimal; the blessings and kindness to the grandmother were priceless. Just a gentle nudge from the universe to remind this grandmother that she is not completely alone. These children belong to all of us.

There have been many other times when simple acts of kindness, consideration, and respect provided someone with an unexpected blessing when they needed it the most.

Someone I know was raising money for their dream, so I supported it.

I needed a project completed at work urgently, but a key employee suddenly received some bad news. I told the employee to leave for the day, and that work could wait. I had to turn everything off and listen to my heart. It was the right thing to do, and the project ended up being completed right when it needed to be.

I am not sharing these examples to gain kudos. I’m sharing so others can see that blessings are plentiful and are needed every minute of our lives.

These are just some examples of things that don’t cost a lot of money or time but are thoughtful and purposeful actions. I believe we all want to do more stuff like this, but we do not allow ourselves the time or space to understand how we can be a blessing to others. Or we don’t follow through even though we mean well. The desire to bless someone with kindness or support quickly gets lost in the noise of our busy lives.

We need to take time to reflect on what we have been given and how we can share those blessings.

Who will you bless today?

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